PWPro has been operating at the very top end of the market since it’s launch early  in 2009. Pioneering both auto detailing and car wrapping / vinyl wrapping and providing the more recognised discipline of window tinting from our base in Mansfield Nottinghamshire.

A brief look around the website will very quickly provide an insight into the type of work we do as well as the standards we work to. We strive to achieve perfection in everything we do whether that be a simple window tint on a Corsa or a full body wrap on a Ferrari, each and every customer and their car is treated with the same respect and with the same passion for perfection.

For these reasons we feel we are in the perfect position to offer training, be that with a view to starting your own business or to simply elevate your ability to maintain or modify your own vehicle.

Unfortunately and for obvious reasons I won’t train anybody that intends to operate a business within the county of Nottinghamshire.


Auto Detail Training

Auto Detail Training in Mansfield Nottinghamshire

Courses will be tailored to the individuals needs, be it to simply be able to safely maintain your own vehicle or achieve full corrective polishing for a customer, we will get you where you need to be.

Safe vehicle cleaning, decontamination, polishing and protecting will be taught including correct use of paint thickness gauges and rotary machine polishers.

These courses will be undertaken on a one to one basis at a cost of £300 per half day or £500 per full day

Multiple day courses can be arranged.[/column_one_third]


Vinyl Wrapping Training

Vinyl Wrapping Training in Mansfield Nottinghamshire

This is a set course that will be undertaken over a 3 day period, you will learn how to assess the job at hand including material choice and costing, material manufacture and it’s behaviour will be also covered as well as safe and proper installation methods.

You will learn how to efficiently complete a high quality installation that both you and your customer will be proud of.

All of the above will take place, hands on in a workshop environment working on actual cars not sat in a classroom or by way of demonstration.

These courses will be undertaken on the basis of myself tutoring either an individual or a team of two who will be working together in future at a cost of £2200

Included in the price will be a full tool kit including laser thermometer and heat gun and an allocation of 20m of white hexis hx20000 series cast wrap the remains of which the student will take home.[/column_one_third]


Window Tinting Training

Window Tinting Training in Mansfield Nottinghamshire

This is a set course that will be undertaken over a 3 day period, you will learn how to master a high quality installation in good time. All areas including micro edging, file edging, wet and dry shrinking as well as patterning will be covered.

This training will take place in a workshop environment as I feel classroom training is simply pointless. Working on real cars in a real world environment is what you will be doing on a daily basis so thats where I feel you should be trained.

These courses will be undertaken on a one to one basis at a cost of £2000

Included in the price will be a full tool kit including heat gun and 100ft of tint film the remains of which the student will take home with them.[/column_one_third_last]

Whichever discipline you choose to be trained in you can rest assured not only will you receive the best quality training possible but from there on out a friendly voice with good advice will be just a phone call away.


[accordion_label]Andy Allgood OBE – World of detailing[/accordion_label][accordion_content]Window tint training with the PW Pro team was an invaluable experience, I came away knowing that I would not be on my own, if I needed advice it was just at the end of the phone.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Adi – Deep shine detail[/accordion_label][accordion_content]We have been followers of Pw Pro’s Vehicle Wrapping for years; the standards and results achieved aways stood him apart from the rest so there was no question when we decided to add vehicle wrapping to our skill set as to who we would contact regarding training. The three days we spent with Paul and team was extremely Informative, Paul’s knowledge and natural hands on teaching method is extremely effective and most importantly enjoyable. Being given the opportunity to wrap a full car under Paul’s watchful eye gives the realistic training one requires on all aspects of a car (not just wrapping a bonnet).The best thing about it however is the aftercare Paul provides – there’s not a lot he hasn’t encountered so having him at the end of the phone is priceless. The time after the course I have spent on the phone with Paul stands his course head and shoulders above any others.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Daniel – Tint tech Nottingham[/accordion_label][accordion_content]I attended a window tinting course with Paul in November 2012 with the ambition to start a small business sometime in the near future. From day one Paul and Reiss made me feel part of the team. I was taken through many different techniques to achieve an install that myself and my customers would be pleased with. It is also very reassuring knowing that I have Paul only a phone call away if I ever need advice. The course covered too much to list on here but I would recommend it to anybody. My business is now growing by the day even though I solely get all my work through recommendations of previous customers who are all impressed with our installs.
[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Jonny & Andy – TLC Detailing[/accordion_label][accordion_content]If you are considering having training lessons in vinyl wrapping or window tinting there is only one place to go. Paul and the gang at PW Pro. Friendly bunch of guys who make you feel comfortable and their knowledge is second to none and with a fresh cup of tea or coffee at the ready every 2 minutes by young Gordon what else can you ask for? Forget classrooms and group sessions. Hands on one to one lessons is where you learn, and that’s exactly what you get at PW Pro. From the moment you arrive you are doing what it is you want to learn and it’s when you are doing something you learn it. Paul is very patient if you make mistakes which you are definitely going to do. But that’s all part of it. He makes you practice bits till you get it right. And goes through each step with you and talks through it very well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because he will have every answer you are looking for. We at TLC Detailing 1st had the vinyl wrapping course in February 2013 and returned in December the same year to have the tinting course and that was just the same. Overall we wouldn’t look any further than PW Pro for training. But the most important thing. More than anything else we have said is when you are back doing it yourself and you make a mistake, or you become stuck somewhere Paul is just a phone all away. This is priceless!! There has been a couple of times we have been stuck and we have phoned Paul and after a few minutes he has talked us through our wrong doing and told us the correct procedure. This is a service you would NOT get with any big firm. And 100% no doubt in our mind is one of the most important things. You can’t put a price on that. To some this up we came across Paul to learn 2 new services to make our business grow and it is definitely working. We now have someone we call a friend.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Matt Fells – D2 detail[/accordion_label][accordion_content]Owning my own detailing business I can be quite fussy when it comes to others carrying out work on my own vehicles! The time came to have my E46 M3 wrapped and tinted! I spoke to various different companies who claimed to be ‘the best’ but didn’t really get treated how I would call ‘enthusiastically’ about carrying out what was quite a different and large project at the time..
I called Paul @ PwPro as he wasn’t that far away and had good reviews and I was instantly impressed with his laid back honest ‘friendly approach’ I told him I was in the same trade and expressed my concerns to which he only replied with reassurance.
Needless to say the car was booked in and the work carried out to a standard that highly impressed me.
Upon completion I was obviously over the moon with the work otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.
One area that I was particularly impressed with was the speed and quality of the window tints! I realised that this was an area that I may be able to include in my own business and with some expert training and advice be able to offer my customers.
I booked on a 2 day course with the excessive tea drinker aka Paul.

All aspects of the job were clearly explained and shown in a purely hands on manor way which i believe to be far beneficial to a classroom environment, tools, materials, suppliers and all ‘grey’ areas were pointed out to the best of his ability in the 2 days and there was a lot of tinting done on my own 2 cars and also others, strip down, preparation, cleaning, Shrinking, cutting, templates, installation methods, suppliers, the do’s and don’ts, everything was covered and was all done in a very calm controlled and easy to take in manor.

Taking advice from someone who is top drawer at what they do is priceless. A massive helping hand in getting started in your own tinting adventure.
I can’t recommend his training enough.

It doesn’t end there though, when you come away and start tinting for yourself it can be a bit daunting! Paul is always on the end of the phone to help and has always got time to guide you through any problems or issues you might have. Something a lot of other trainers don’t have!

Since having work done by Paul and carrying out my training we have become good friends and I always highly recommend his work to anyone.
I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the outcome of your training.

One bit of advice though, take plenty of biscuits as he has an addiction to tea..

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Gavin Beach – Touch of detailing[/accordion_label][accordion_content]Where do we start… After deciding on a new business venture in detailing we needed training. Now we spent a lot of time looking at people’s work and quality of their work on car forums. Seeing Paul’s work on VXROnline and knowing he did the training we required we decided to give him a call. After a friendly half hour chat we were set. On the first day we drank more tea than my body could handle! Pauls knowledge on detailing is the very best. We were shown a number of methods on how to do it so we could work well with what suited us best from washing the car to claying to polishing. Day 2 we were well on the way to getting the car finished all 3 stages of polishing. Day 3 we were shown how to wax and how not to wax. We had a great time at PWPRO and when we are in the area we pop back for a cuppa.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Craig Dawes – Distinctive Detailing[/accordion_label][accordion_content]I spent some time brushing up on detailing and learning the basics of windowtinting with pwpro, paul was most helpful and has been on hand after to give advice when needed.we now often work together on odd projects so a worth while investment for me and my business.

[/accordion_content][accordion_label]Russ Aston – Midlands Car Care[/accordion_label][accordion_content]When Midlands Car Care decided to enter in the wrapping market, we wanted to do so with the very best training available in the UK. We had known of PW Pro for a while through Facebook and Swissvax Authorised connections and of course seen Paul’s fantastic videos on YouTube, so after a lengthy phone conversation we decided to go to PW Pro for our wrapping Tuition. The content and delivery of the course was absolutely spot on and the theory and logic behind vinyl, and wrapping was explained to an extremely high standard. On the back of Paul’s tuition we have had a successful first 12 months in the vinyl wrapping market, attracting some very prestigious cars including a Bentley Continental. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PW Pro for wrapping tuition and believe its the best start to entering the market space convincingly in the UK.