Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster


A very special car from a very special owner and great friend.

This 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster has benefitted from a bespoke detailing, paint protection film and ceramic coating package after a recent front end refresh.

This 6l V12 beast is one of only 7 in the UK that are RHD . The open gate, manual transmission makes it as rare as it is stunning. To extract maximum performance from the 640bhp engine, Lamborghini  kept the weight of the Murcielago down by manufacturing the whole body in carbon fibre, except the roof and door panels.

An incredible looking machine with a soundtrack that has to be heard to be believed!.


Now through our wash and decontamination stages, the car is positioned ready to start work at a raised height. All wheels have been removed, ready for polishing and paint protection film installation.

While the car is in position on the lift, we take the opportunity to polish the parts where typically there would be little or no access. The undersides of the bumper have been attended to, and the iconic sounding V12 mouthpiece now looks as good as it sounds.

Wheels positioned on our rotisserie for final preparation and ceramic coating. The rotisserie allows for full rotation and fantastic access to all surfaces for coating application, in a safe and ergonomic way.

At this point the car has now been detailed and wheels coated. The car has received our level 3 paint protection film installation. This means the full front end, mirror casings, side skirts and lower rear sections have all been covered in super glossy, self healing PPF. The 3 stage pearl yellow paint is looking beautiful and insanely glossy.

This picture demonstrates the accuracy of the patterning system, and how indiscernible Xpel paint protection film is, once installed. The wing has paint protection film fitted, while the door is highly polished paint. Both surfaces have received the same ceramic coating application.

Looking inside an early 2000’s supercar is nothing short of spectacular. The cockpit of the Murcielago is full of drama, starting with the scissor doors and the traditional open gate manual transmission. It lures you in to what can only be described as an incredible place to be sat, with the amazing 570bhp V12 right behind the seat. An older car for sure and absolute proof that some things mature with age........unlike the owner ;).