Range Rover Sport SVR


The Range Rover Sport SVR originally launched in 2015 with a staggering 550bhp 5 litre supercharged V8 and performance that just belies belief for a vehicle of this size.  This is the second iteration of this model with number of changes including a full carbon vented bonnet and various changes, new bumpers and trim and a fully updated interior to name but a few.

The owner of this brand-new  SVR was already aware of the benefits of a good new car preparation. Recognising the potential difficulties of owning a big black car, our client chose to send the car to us for a new car detailing package and ceramic coating on all surfaces to make it easier to maintain.



Although brand new, most cars arrive with dirt and dust as well as adhesive residues from storage and transportation. Here the Air suspension has been raised giving excellent access to not just the wheels, but the suspension and arches for cleaning. Raising the vehicle in this manner also means there is no need to remove the wheels while the vehicle is put through the initial preparation and wash stages.

To clean wheels properly and safely, we choose to use fall out removers in preference to traditional wheel cleaners which tend to be either acidic or alkaline. Fall out removers are pH neutral, and are much kinder to the finish of the wheels, callipers and brake discs.

Snow foam loosens surface dirt and softens any remaining more stubborn dirt, making it easier to remove in later stages and reduces the chances of scratching. After jet washing, we shampoo then finally move on to decontamination.

During inspection our attention was drawn to a strange defect on the bonnet. With a careful spot correction we remedied this and and once polished achieved a beautiful flawless finish.

Dull paint and abrasions stand out clearly on dark paint work. When the surface is marked like this, all clarity and depth of the potential of the finish has been lost.

Looks like someone has been here before, the wispy lines in the reflection of the light source are commonly known as buffer trails, these are a sure sign of previous poor polishing attempt.

The wheels are removed for thorough cleaning and ceramic coating both inside and out. While the car is positioned on the scissor lift, we take the opportunity to meticulously clean the wheel arches, suspension components and brakes where typically the wheels would block access. Callipers are then ceramic coated to make them far easier to clean and maintain. Having the ramp positioned at exactly the height we need, the work can be carried out comfortably, safely and efficiently.

The wingback seats in the SVR are an optional extra, to keep them like new it is important to use the correct products when cleaning and protecting. Because the car is new, the leather only needs a light clean. We adopted the LTT system many many years ago, using the LTT water-based leather cleaner followed by a protectant leaves the seats in their new condition without any unwanted sheen or oily finish.

A very delicate and well thought out space, the interior of the SVR is a perfect blend of practicality with oodles of style and luxury.

The defect in the bonnet has now been worked on and fully removed, restoring depth and clarity and revealing that stunning blue metallic pop.

Taking reference from the earlier image, you can now see the improvement had from a good machine polish. Swirl marks have been permanently removed and a beautiful crisp depth and gloss installed.