Porsche Cayman GT4


This is the latest version of the Porsche Cayman GT4  now utilising the 718 chassis. The unmissable colour is called Racing Yellow, it was delivered directly to us from Porsche Nottingham, by the our client before even taking it home.

The Cayman has been an extremely popular car, and since launching in 2016,  we’ve worked on a good number of the models that have been produced. The owner is a first-time client to us, however his father has been bringing vehicles to us for the past 10 years.

Handing over the keys to this stunning GT4 to us for paint protection film, ceramic coating and some accents to give the car a custom GT2 RS look.


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Although brand new, there was significant dirt from transportation and storage. Preparation begins with a snow foam pre-wash. This is carried out to remove loose dirt and to soften remaining dirt, making it easier to remove in later stages and also reduces the chances of scratching. After jet washing, we shampoo before moving on to decontamination.

Bleed from fall out remover shows the amount of brake dust which is being eliminated. We use fall out removers in preference over traditional wheel cleaners which tend to be too acidic or alkaline. Fall out removers are far more pH balanced, and are much kinder to the finish of the wheels, calipers and brake discs.

Before fitting PPF, any defects are removed from the paint work, ensuring all surfaces are perfect. Here the roof piece is being fitted, with protruding front and rear sections. We have specially tailored the pattern before cutting to include extra material at the front and rear of the panel. This allows us to tuck in behind the windscreen rubber and the rear hatch aperture. Using this approach leaves the installation looking near invisible whilst protecting the edges from catching dirt.

For the bonnet installation, we have tailored the kit again, extending all edges allowing the PPF to be rolled around the panel, leaving a perfect seamless finish. The in-house computer cut pattern follows the shape of the Porsche badge for a neat finish without the need to remove and replace it.

A close up on the excess PPF, which is about to be rolled around the leading panel edge and tucked under, creating that seamless finish.

Headlight units are costly and many owners do not consider protecting them with PPF, to keep them chip free. The optical clarity of PPF allows for an invisible finish once installed. A single unit being replaced could easily cost more that the ppf does for the full front end!.

Another close up on the excess PPF we added into the pattern about to be rolled around the panel's thickness, leaving no visible edge.

As part of this project, our customer asked for an addition to the car to give it a GT2 RS look for the bonnet and roof. We created a black vinyl template to acquire the right shape for the final finish. This is used as a guide for cutting tape that goes on before the carbon fibre vinyl, then safely cuts the desired shape to remove the excess.

Carbon fibre wrap being installed on the bonnet. We do not believe that any carbon fibre vinyl available on a roll is quite good enough or convincing, so we commissioned our own material. The shape, type and colouration of the weave, including the imperfections seen in carbon fibre, is printed into the material and then laminated giving a convincing and bespoke look and feel to this installation.

This personifies the accuracy of the PPF installation. Here all of the of the paint work is covered but leaves no sign it is installed. This is due to the accuracy of the patterns which are cut, the clarity of the material used, and our extensive experience in installation.

PPF installation on the light is complete, again demonstrating the clarity of the material used. The wing and bumper are also covered in this picture with all edges tucked under the headlight, indicator and panel edges. This approach is particularly important with light coloured cars where exposed edges can be prone to getting dirty with use.

Close up section of the front bumper demonstrating the accuracy of the installation round the tow eye cover and grille inserts. Can you see where it finishes?.

The interior of the GT4 is personalised with cloth strap handles, and body coloured inserts for the dash and centre console. Matching stitching is included on every leather and Alcantara surface to complete the individual styling. As with all GT4’s, a manual gearbox is the only option available.