Porsche 911 GTS


The 911 991.2 Carrera 4 GTS really does sound like a mouthful, but with so much history to this particular marque its just how it is.

This beautiful example in Crayon Grey really is a beauty. Owned by a very long standing customer with a huge passion for cars and detailing his first port of call was to us for a combination of services.

As well as our enhancement detailing package, we also facilitated the wheels being refinished from satin black to a high gloss black finish, plus an all over machine polish and the full ceramic arsenal.


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All our projects start in much the same way outside with a safe wash and decontamination.

Covered in a thick layer of our preffered snow foam. This pre-wash stage helps to soften and loosen dirt to then be jet washed away. Anything remaining has now been softened, making it easier to remove with a contact wash, whilst reducing the chances of scratching. A good quality foam like this also lubricates the panels making that wash that bit safer.

The car has been cleaned, decontaminated and positioned on the ramp ready for polishing stages. The wheels have been removed and sent away to be refinished in gloss black.

All areas of the bodywork are polished, even the paint between the lettering is attended to. The end result is extremely satisfying and raises the overall finish of the car, demonstrating our dedication to achieving the highest of standards at every given opportunity.

Before refitting, the wheel faces and barrels have been prepared and ceramic coated for the ultimate in protection and ease of future maintenance. The centre lock fitment on all Porsche GT cars poses a particular challenge but one that we are specifically equipped to attend to.

The end result of a multi-stage polish and ceramic coating. This demonstrates the glass like appearance that is achieved by applying a ceramic coating.

The cockpit is a mixture of leather, Alcantara, carbon fibre and metal finishes, all of which require their own method of cleaning and protection. Each and every surface has been attended to with care and appropriate products and dedicated methods employed.