Mercedes GLC 63 S

Full colour change wrap, dechrome, tinted windows and rear lights

A brand new car, and new model too, delivered to the owner in gloss white and then brought to us for a dramatic new look. A colour change wrap has been installed in a combination of matte and gloss black. Extensive exterior dechrome work carried out, including window surrounds, splitter, diffuser, roof rails, side steps, bumper elements, mirrors and door handles. We even tinted the rear windows and tail lights.

Care and accuracy are vital when approaching an extensive project like this. Each panel is prepared individually with trim parts removed, kept perfectly clean, and then wrapped, providing the neatest and safest installation possible. After wrapping, trim parts are fully cleaned before careful refitting. This approach gives the best possible fit and finish to a wrap that will last for years and years to come.

Chrome trim parts are removed, wrapped, and re-installed to give a much cleaner finish than it would be if attempting to wrap in-situ.

An additional bonus from installing vinyl to a new car preserves the underlying paintwork, keeping it like new indefinitely.

With a thunderous sound track from that meaty AMG tuned turbo charged engine and decayed downpipes this utter beast really does state its case!.




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The details on a colour change wrap can make or break the final finish. The material on the quarter is installed behind the fuel filler cup for a seamless finish. The inside of the filler door is also covered leaving no clue to the original colour of the car.

A slight variation from the standard cars look, we installed gloss black vinyl to the rear section of the roof complimenting the panoramic glass roof and factory gloss black spoiler tip.