McLaren 675LT Spider


The McLaren 675 LT or Long Tail really is a special car in many ways, even more so when finished in Volcano Orange.

Packing not surprisingly 675 ps, the extremely compact 3.8 twin turbo V8 truly is a powerhouse and with those high level exhaust exits is unmistakeable on the road.

This particular car belongs to a regular client for whom we have completed a great number of cars for including Porsche’s, Ferrari’s and Aston Martins. Most of those cars we detailed and installed ppf on however this car already had ppf fitted.

Pipped to the post on that one, there was still plenty we could add from detailing and ceramic coating.


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Sitting on our low entry ramp, you can clearly see the totally flat underside and intricacies of this modern masterpiece. Our ramp makes raising these vehicles completely safe, utilising the factory jacking points all from underneath.

Here we can see sanding marks most likely inflicted during removal of a paint defect at the manufacturing stage.

Sanding marks now removed by way of a multi stage process. In this case we cut the paint back with an aggressive cutting technique to remove the defect, we then restored the finish with further less aggressive machine polishing stages.

Small areas are treated with the same care and attention. Here we found a small finishing mark that needs to be attended to.

After careful cutting back and polishing, the defect has been removed.

Wheels are removed to allow good safe access to both the face and the barrel, as well as the brake callipers and to clean arches thoroughly. While removed, these 285/35 20” monsters are carefully placed on our rotisserie to be ceramic coated inside and out.

The 675LT cockpit gives a real sense of speed, technology and somehow luxury. A mix of leather, alcantara and carbon fibre all blend together to create an experience few will be lucky enough to ever experience. For us, this gives an opportunity to improve and or protect each and every one of those surfaces with various products and processes.