Lamborghini Aventador


This stunning Lamborghini Aventador was delivered to us brand new by our client on collection day.

This gentleman has a real eye for detail and a very precise idea on the look he wanted to achieve. The car was supplied new from the factory with a matte grey paint finish, however our client decided on a matte gold finish matching his Nissan GTR we had previously installed for him .

As this finish isn’t available as an off the shelf item we employed a process of matte lamination to a gloss metallic, type specific vinyl to create a truly one off…….. well two off creation!.


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All projects start by being cleaned, washed, dried and decontaminated. Factory installed matte PPF also removed prior to our installation beginning.

Bonnet installed and the wing installation is in progress. Each panel is completely finished before we move on to the next. This picture show the material being sized, prepared, and positioned, ready to cover the wing.

The door is a particularly challenging area to install on this car due to the scissor action when operated. Material is cut, shaped and held in place prior to installation to check its fitment. We then gently heat and tension then apply and trim.

Single piece side skirts need to be cut accurately and handled carefully before, and during, installation. The end result is seamless and super clean.

The engine cover is installed with a single piece to avoid seams, making this the neatest finish possible.

The roof piece is tricky but still installed in a single section to avoid joins and unnecessary trimming. It means more material being used, but the result is a far superior finish. Edges are hidden away by tucking them under the window rubbers. You may have noticed the wing mirror has also been removed, allowing for another seamless installation on the door.

All visible areas are covered, leaving no clue to the factory colour or finish. We pride ourselves in this as it makes a huge difference to the quality of finish and longevity of the install.

Corners and sides are tucked right around the panel edges. The end result is a perfectly neat finish with no sign of the original colour showing from the panels below.