Ford Focus RS


This Ford Focus RS came to us on recommendation from a long standing detailing colleague. The owner wanted to have a particularly comprehensive colour change wrap, taking this hot hatch from Shadow Black to a simply stunning deep red 3m finish both externally and internally.

As standard from the factory, the 2.3l Ecoboost engine in the RS would put down 350bhp but with well thought out modifications this example produces far more 😉

After completing the wrap installation, we treated the vinyl with a type specific ceramic coating adding to the overall finish and making it super easy maintain.


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The car as we received it, stunning already but about to get a lot better!. Paint protection film already fitted to the front end and side skirts was safely removed before carrying out the initial stages of preparation including thorough cleaning and decontamination.

Initial preparation stages. We disassemble vehicles to allow us to gain the best finish possible. Using this method, we are able to fit the material to appear absolutely paint like, with no visible edges.

The hatchback is removed giving us the ability to neatly install the material around the reveal area. This leaves no visible clues to the factory paint colour once installed. By removing the hatchback there are also no seams, edges, or cuts around the hinges and wire conduits, creating a truly flawless finish.

This is the final state of disassembly. Side skirts, body trim, bumpers and all doors removed enabling us to create the highest standard of finish. All apertures are then covered ready for reassembly.

While the doors are physically removed from the vehicle, we also remove the door cards to install the wrap onto the interior surfaces, creating the fullest of full coverage .

Doors refitted and the final sections of vinyl are ready to be installed. Each panel is worked on individually as you can see. By taking this approach, we are able roll round the edges of panels captivating the inner skin with the outer. Whilst it is possible to install a side as a single piece and trim down each panel gap, there is far less material available to tuck and overlap, this is our way to create that perfect finish.