Ferrari 488 Pista


To save this brand new Ferrari 488 Pista from COVID lockdown, we had the incredible privilege to collect it on the owner’s behalf straight out of the handover bay at Graypaul Nottingham. Probably the most never racking 20 miles of my life!.

The 488 Pista (track in Italian) is a more focused, lighter, and more powerful version of the 488 GTB with performance to match its exotic looks. With 720 ps on offer and a seven speed transmission that delivers the next gear in an incredible 30 milliseconds, it truly is just astonishing. Sporting 20% more downforce and 90kg less than a GTB the intention is clear.

Over several days we carried out an intensive detailing to perfect the paint, we then installed our level 4 paint protection film option, with full ceramic coating.

Oh and that livery…… i’m sure the cyclists among us will appreciate that.


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Once the car has been through our wash and decontamination stages, it is positioned on our flush fitting scissor lift platform and raised to a comfortable working height. It's then raised further using built in rams that reach directly to the jacking points from underneath, to remove the wheels. This safe method of lifting the vehicle removes any chance of contact with the side skirts or other bodywork, which really can be a problem on very low vehicles.

Defects on individually styled, low volume cars are common – These finishing marks are left from the factory painting and finishing process. The first task when detailing is to remove the marks by carefully cutting, wet sanding and polishing the paint back to perfection.

While the car is on the lift with the wheels removed, we have easy access to pay attention to areas which are less obvious. The brake calipers and suspension components are cleaned, before being ceramic coated to protect and make them easier to maintain. A rear disk that would dwarf most cars fronts.

The engine bay is a work of art, as well as engineering. This track-ready super car has Ferrari’s latest twin-turbocharged 3.9l V8, putting down 710bhp, all wrapped in carbon fibre to provide weight savings whilst delivering a visual delight.

The interior of the 488 Pista is an incredible place to be. Our client working with Ferrari have paid real attention to detail with the tricolour running down the seats, and on the edge of the paddle shifters. The weight saving in the Pista is plain to see sitting when in the cockpit. It has a real stripped out look and feel, with exposed carbon fibre panelling on the dashboard and sills.The racing harnesses and fire extinguisher a constant reminder of this cars intentions. We have cleaned and protected the interior, taking a careful and considered approach where mixed materials like carbon fibre and Alcantara have been used.