Ferrari 488 GTB


The mid-engined Ferrari 488 GTB was named “Supercar of the Year” along with many other accolades when it first arrived in the UK in 2016.

It’s easy to see why with just such beautiful styling, performance and perfect balance, packing 660 bhp with a seven speed sequential gearbox operating 40% faster than that of the 458 and up to 325kg of additional downforce available, thats an impressive spec list. Although the purist my pass comment on no longer being normally aspirated.

This particular car in classic Rosso Corsa with Nero interior was brought to us for a 2 day corrective detail with a high-end wax finish.


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Where it all starts, inspected and assessed prior to commencing the initial wash and decontamination stages.

Covered in a thick layer of our snow foam. This pre-wash stage helps to loosen dirt for jet washing. Remaining dirt is softened, making it easier to remove with a contact wash, whilst reducing the chances of scratching as the panels are now lubricated.

A very dull finish reveals itself once illuminated with a specific light source, poor wash technique and bug etchings being the offenders here.

Curvaceous areas of body work are often more prone to factory finishing marks. While using a Dual Action machine (DA), the sanding disc has become clogged, the resulting build up continues to grind into the paint, resulting in these tiny circular patterns, known as pigtails.

Small areas require careful treatment and appropriate tooling. It would be impossible to polish an area like this with a standard sized polisher. Using a tiny 35mm machine we achieve the same fantastic finish as we do on larger panels.

Before polishing, the wing mirror is dull and abraded lacking clarity and depth.

After polishing, the wing mirror now has a crisp reflection and deep lustrous shine.

The wheels are removed, faces and barrels are cleaned. While the car is positioned on the scissor lift, we take the opportunity to finalise the cleaning of the wheel arches, suspension components and brakes where typically there would be little or no access. Having the ramp positioned at exactly the height we need, the work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

For any car interior it is important to use the correct products. We use a safe water-based leather cleaner followed by a type specific protectant. By approaching in a careful and considered way, we can make seats look new without adding an unwanted sheen or leaving an oily finish which will then attract more dirt.

After polishing, bug etching's and swirl marks have been removed leaving a deep defect free finish.

Post polishing we can now revel in a deep and vibrant finish.