Ferrari 458 Speciale


The Ferrari 458 Speciale is an extremely rare car, even moreso as a right hand drive, offical UK model. We have been lucky enough to work on several, and never tire of how truly beautiful they are.

The 458 is powered by the last of the naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 engines, producing a screaming 597bhp at 9000 rpm, with a top speed of 202mph. Active aero reduces drag as speeds increase, diverting airflow for cooling or downforce as required. The car owes its lightweight nature to a carbon fibre underbody, splitter, diffuser and trim and even has thinner glass.

This is a super low mileage example and the owner wants to be able to use it without fear of compromising that stunning Rosso Corsa paintwork. As a long-standing client of ours, he understands the benefits of PPF and tasked us with installing Xpel self healing film to every conceivable surface to keep the 458 looking at its absolute best.

All topped of with ceramic coatings to ensure bath time is an absolute joy.


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This is an example of the kind of issues we see on low production volume vehicles. Paint work is applied in a very manual process, not with robotic assistance. The dull patches are the result of abrasions caused by final finishing in the factory, where a lack of time, skills or effort has failed to fully refine the paintwork to it's fullest potential. Before fitting PPF, we believe it is essential that these defects are addressed, ensuring none of these marks show thorough to compromise the final finish.

Before fitting PPF we inspect every surface, correcting them to the highest standards. High traffic areas around door edges and handles are prone to marking. Such marks can easily be inflicted by clothing or jewellery, as well as shutting the door using the panel, instead of the handle or glass.

Sanding marks are seen where the factory has removed a paint defect, using a Dual Action machine (DA). The sanding disc has become clogged, and the resulting lump continues to grind into the paint, resulting in these tiny circluar patterns, known as pigtails. It causes the paint to appear cloudy, almost pink instead of a rich, lusterous red finish and robs it of all clarity.

Another after shot showing the huge difference once the finish is perfected on the wing which was badly marked before. We do this for every panel on the car, and the overall effect is quite staggering.

After multiple polishing stages to correct the paint, we installed the PPF onto the front bumper. Compared to the previous photograph, the Rosso Corsa paintwork now has absolute gloss, clarity and depth of colour.

Xpel paint protection film sections cut and ready to install on the carbon fibre diffuser. In addition to paint work, we can install PPF to any gloss or matte finished surfaces which require protection - in the case of the 458 Speciale, it is essential that the expensive diffuser is given the same level of protection as the rest of the car. The expertly tailored patterns are designed by specialists at Xpel, then tweaked and plotted in-house, giving the exact fit and finish we require.

PPF installed on the carbon fibre diffuser and extends all the way underneath to cover the whole piece where it meets the undertray. You'll have to take our word for it, but the best compliment we get for our PPF installations is, 'I can't even see what you've done!'.

At first glance you might believe this huge brake setup is installed on the front of the 458, but they are actually the smaller rear brakes, which are still absolutely massive! The lug nuts are super-strong titanium making them unbelievably lightweight compared to those on a standard car. The calipers are cleaned and ceramic coated making them easier to keep clean and maintain in future.

Ferrari have put a huge amount of effort into the engine bay making the engine look as elegant as it is powerful. All panels are carbon fibre as well is the intake plenums.

Ferrari have made the interior of the 458 a beautiful place to be. Exotic materials such as carbon fibre meets Alcantara everywhere you look and touch. As part of our comprehensive protection package, we installed PPF to the sills and carbon kick plates and door panels of this incredible machine.