Porsche 911 GT3


Very nearly was the one that got away. A previous poor experience with another installer and film brand had left a very nasty taste in our clients mouth that had taken some time to recover from.

Thankfully we had caught his eye, and after he’d kept up-to date with us via social media for a while and then email and telephone conversations, we managed to reassure him that he could receive good service and a quality installation.

Owned by our client from new, this car had not been used for some time. He chose to benefit from a number of our services in preparation for getting back behind the wheel and ramping up the miles. We carried out our enhancement detail, level 3 Xpel paint protection film, and to finish we ceramic coated every part of this stunning Guards Red 991.2 GT3.



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With us a car’s journey starts with a safe wash. This includes multiple stages to ensure that the car is clean and contaminant free. Wheels are fully cleaned, meaning both the faces and inner barrels, as well as wheel arches, door shuts, petrol flap and all the nooks and crannies which do not always get attended to on a regular basis. The car snow foamed, rinsed, shampooed, rinsed and finally dried.

Now clean and contaminant free, the car is positioned on our flush fitting scissor lift. It is then raised securely from underneath via beam jacks, positioned between the ramp platforms. This safe method leaves no chance of contact with the side skirts, which can be a problem on very low vehicles. The wheels are then removed in preparation for treatment.

The wheels are placed on our rotisserie for their final clean, in preparation for ceramic coating. The center lock fitment on all Porsche GT cars poses a particular challenge, but we are specifically equipped to deal with these.

Now adorned in an extensive level 3 Xpel paint protection film installation, fully detailed, and finished top to toe with our signature Fusion Plus Xpel Ceramic Coating. Our customer has complete piece of mind with Xpel’s 4 year guarantee on Fusion Plus, and an amazing looking car that will be super easy to maintain.

The photo exemplifies the fit, finish and feel of an Xpel paint protection film installation. Completely invisible, while providing incredible depth of gloss and of course complete protection.

The cockpit of a 911 GT3 is a truly special place, the manual gear shift, rear roll cage, fire extinguisher and Schroth harnesses really do make you feel like you're ready to race.