Audi RS6


The Audi RS6 really has become an iconic estate car, some would say the ultimate in estate cars or in Audi terms “Avant”

With just shy of 600 bhp delivered via the quattro four wheel drive system and incredible electronics these cars really do state their case.

This car was not only a brand new car but a new variant of an increasing line of iterations. The 2020 C8 platform see’s a number or improvements both mechanical and aesthetically cementing this utter brute of a family wagons place within the market. Appearing two weeks prior to the launch of the ’20’ registration we had her ready for the road in good time.

We were tasked with a number of requests including our super popular “enhancement detail”, although various local corrections were needed. We then topped that off with all of our ceramic coating options.


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A dull finish and buffer trails typically means that a defect has been removed from the painting process, this has then been sanded and polished to a production line standard.

Same photo as before but after we have worked our magic. The area has been assessed and then wet sanded to a super smooth finish, this has then been polished to perfection.

Not dissimilar to the previous issue but far more severe are these "pigtails". Named as such due to their shape, they are induced when a sanding disc clogs during defect removal.

A combination of careful sanding, an initial cut and various super delicate polishing stages have recovered the finish to how it should have been.

A typical scene of a car being detailed in our workshop. The car is lifted from the floor on our flush scissor ramp, then elevated further to remove the wheels. The ramp is positioned at exactly the height we need, allowing work to be carried out safely and efficiently.

The RS6 22” Diamond cut wheels are positioned on our rotisserie for final cleaning, and preparation for ceramic coating. The rotisserie allows us to handle wheels safely, and gives us access to every surface for efficient and thorough application of a ceramic coating. Every spoke and every edge is attended to as well as the internal barrel.

A peek into the cabin of this true autobahn stormer and its crisply modern interior. While the car is new, we are able to carefully clean and protect the interior surfaces including carpets and leather. Stopping staining on fabrics and reducing wear to the leather.