Porsche 911 Speedster


We were delighted to receive this brand new 2019 Porsche 911 Speedster, direct from Porsche Leicester via our covered transportation option.

The ‘Speedster’ name was first seen on a Porsche in 1954, when Porsche built a lightweight convertible version of the 356. Since then, only a few very special models have worn the Speedster badge, all now being extremely rare and sought after. This latest version is equally rare, 1 of only 1,948 made by Porsche worldwide to celebrate the 70th anniversary of their sports cars. The entire production run of the Speedster sold out before production even began, so so every owner who took delivery was incredibly lucky.

We eradicated defects and carried out an enhancement detail to ensure all surfaces were in perfect condition. Our level 4 coverage option of Xpel’s Ultimate Plus paint protection film was installed encompassing all bodywork surfaces including lights. To avoid a potential halo effect round the black splash guard on the rear quarter (where there is a tiny air gap created by material thickness), the splash guard has been removed, paint protection film installed and a new splash guard fitted.

Xpel Fusion Plus ceramic coating was then been applied to all exterior bodywork, wheels and brake calipers.


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Abrasions on paintwork are not unusual with new cars. Although the car is new and unused, there are plenty of opportunities for imperfections to be inflicted. Painting takes place at an early stage in the production process before the car is assembled. Guards are added and removed during assembly, self adhesive transport wrappings are applied for the journey from the factory. These are then removed during final preparation and residues dealt with.

Some abrasions are more severe. Fine scratches like these need to be remedied and the paintwork perfected before we install paint protection film.

Sanding marks in the paintwork. This will be as a result of a production defect in the paint that the factory operative has sanded out. During the sanding process, the disc has become clogged inflicting these marks known as pigtails.

The wheels are removed and placed on our rotisserie for their final clean in preparation for ceramic coating. There is a specific sequence for removal and installation of wheels on all Porsche GT cars, requiring a high level of care and attention to detail. The centre lock nuts have to be tightened to 600Nm, loosened slightly, then re-tightened to 600Nm for correct fitting. It is essential that torque bars and the correct centre nut sockets are used to avoid any damage. This is not a job for an impact gun, or for anyone who doesn't understand the process.

An opportunity to look inside the cockpit of an extremely rare car. The Speedster models have always been super focused, so common sights such as a stereo controls and satnav are missing. Another rare sight in a GT car is the clutch and manual transmission.

Carbon mirrors on the Speedster are an expensive upgrade option the owner has chosen, protection is essential to keep them looking new. In this picture, all surfaces have paint protection film installed, and the carbon weave looks more defined and beautiful than ever.

The light, wing and bumper all have paint protection film installed. Before cutting the film, we have modified the Xpel patterns, allowing the film to roll under the panel edges for a seamless finish where possible. Where the film finishes at the panel edges, it is essential for the installation to be accurate so as to be indistinguishable from the paintwork.